Social Order, Greatness, Jordan Peterson | CLIPS

 Direct BitChute Link   Some thoughts on a real social order and the morality of justice and responsibility, the idea of greatness as a unifying principle (as opposed to “everyone gets a trophy”), and a consideration about Jordan Peterson.  This clip is taken from my September 10, 2018 appearance on Westward Thought.       (Thumbnail Image)   Continue reading Social Order, Greatness, Jordan Peterson | CLIPS

Rad Russ | TAP

Watch the embedded episode below. Works on most browsers.    Direct YouTube Link   After the previous three weeks of shows (including one with just Russ and Jason) Jason, Jared, and Russ were on together for first time on the livestream following Mark Collett’s show that would eventually become known as The After Party.    The seed topic for this stream was the Millennial … Continue reading Rad Russ | TAP

Jordan Peterson

Recently, Jordan Peterson has indicated that the individual and the individual alone is the force that combats the evils of the world. He’s also questioned the notion of “whiteness” and stated that only those who have accomplished nothing in their own lives are proud of their race. A map linked to below shows that individualism is most developed in European founded/derived nations. Yes, this demonstrates … Continue reading Jordan Peterson

Religion is Play for Adults? My Recent “Religious Experience”

(Direct YouTube Link) My most personal video yet. This reveals an integrating and inspiring experience I had, using that story as a way to discuss the meaning and purpose many people yearn for today. I overlay Jordan Peterson’s idea of child’s play onto M. Scott Peck’s four stages of spiritual development to arrive at a notion that may prompt you to see mankind’s use of … Continue reading Religion is Play for Adults? My Recent “Religious Experience”

The Prosperity Paradox– Escaping Apathy | ARTICLE

“If you can cut the people off from their history, then they can be easily persuaded.”– Karl Marx How do we escape the cycle of having our prosperity and comfort in the West/European civilizations lead to weakness and vulnerability? This is a sentiment being raised by many sources, one that is crucial to consider. I’ll just provide a general response to that question here, as … Continue reading The Prosperity Paradox– Escaping Apathy | ARTICLE