Slaying Multi Culti Arguments Key # 4: Rainbow City

Watch the embedded video below.

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Take me down to the rainbow city where…

 I tried to talk to my neighbor but he couldn’t understand me so I tried to talk with my other neighbors to organize a nice neighborhood party but no one can do it because we all have different dietary restrictions, customs, and days of religious obligation, then I tried to resolve a conflict with someone in town but he screamed at me because we have different conceptions of what is socially acceptable, then I tried to be on the the town council but had already been democratically voted out by the bloc from an outside ethnic group vying for power and they’re going to direct the budget to allocate resources to their interests and bring in their cousins, then I put up lights and a tree for Yuletide but was told to take it down because it might offend someone and now my kids are dating kids from these other ethnic groups and they’re telling me we’re evil and won’t be carrying on our traditions and my grandkids won’t look at all like my wife and me…

but everything’s fine!




Der Spiegel interview with Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, referenced.

Quote about mixed societies voting along ethnic and religious lines is towards the bottom.

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