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Social media is aflame with the vile reactions to the March 2019 Esquire article profiling an American boy, Ryan Morgan. An American boy who is, as we need to clarify these days, white.

While the anti-white reactions indeed indicate the downward spiral of our society and warrant discussion, I want to take a different approach.

We’re going to focus here on the Esquire article itself.

The piece is a high wire balancing act, ping-ponging between the familiar anti-white line and some vague gestures towards understanding the white experience.

“Gestures” being the operative word.

The article and its packaging do just enough to seem edgy in 2019 America—they have to sell magazines after all, and while most media outlets parrot the anti-white rhetoric, every so often we get an editor who wants to feel like a maverick.

Is this really anything risky though? Or is it a sleight-of-hand that’s only supposed to appear risky?…

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I am pleased to announce that my first article has been published in the online magazine, Republic Standard.

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It is based on the recent video I made on the same subject, the March 2019 cover story of Esquire magazine.