Morality of Nationalism 14: The Big Picture

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Many Westerners live with a legacy of sovereignty and rights that are considered sacrosanct. These are indeed a vital part of our heritage and way of life.

However, to assume that current liberal democratic governments in the West always act in ideal accordance with these principles is unrealistic.

Elements in our governments and other centers of power (i.e. finance and banking) acted against the best interest and expressed will of Western peoples in Western nations by bringing in multiculturalism, looser borders, and mass immigration.

Are we now supposed to do nothing, have no response, just because foreign peoples have been recently brought in to Western countries as pawns of globalism?

And now since they’re here, they enjoy and are forever protected by civic rights that were developed by and for Westerners?

We’re supposed to countenance all of this even if it will change Western peoples and Western, European civilization irrevocably?

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