Livestream: Volklore Halloween Star-Studded Extravaganza- Carolyn Emerick

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Carolyn Emerick hosted a livestream on Halloween night that I participated in at two different junctures.

I was on at varying times with Jason of No White Guilt, Carolyn’s co-host, Chris, Gythja Dawn of Heathen Coalition, and Heidrun.

Entrance 1: 2:54:12

Poetry reading contest: 3:16:00

Exit 1: 4:32:30

Themes of 1st appearance: 

-Holidays being un-hallowed

-Poetry reading contest

-Changing demographics affecting Halloween

-The importance of being “three dimensional” as public figures

-Culture creation as opposed to only being reactionary.

-Engaging with old artworks as though they are living

-I read an in-progress original poem about Halloween and autumn…

…and then am questioned by Jason on my creative process. 


Entrance 2: 5:53:00

Till 8 hour cut off! We reached the limit of YouTube streaming


Themes of 2nd appearance:

-Cornish traditions

-Apples, poetry, and immortality 

-Irish lore and Gods

-The magic of words and poetry 

-“Witch” is our “shaman,” cultural appropriation 

-Boasts and honor about our own ancestors, and audience chimes in 

-Celtic birth is a death in other world 

-Reincarnation, genealogy 

-Celtic lettering and symbols 

-Function of priest/priestess castes

-Perception of time 


-Open minds of children 

-Jason of No White Guilt shows his masterful storytelling abilities by relating a tale from his own life appropriate for Halloween 


The Other Parts of this Halloween Extravaganza:

Hour 1: Northumbrian and William of Mercia from spoke of these traditions coming back to England, and their old folkish roots there.

Hour 2: Gythja Dawn of The Heathen Coalition on Celtic and Norse Halloween connections, the loss of feast days in modernity.

Hour 3: Heidrun on fate and intention, folk soul/collective unconscious, old social orders, Arthurian lore, Anglo Saxon book recommendations.

4:33:00 The Urban Animist on death deities and live rune readings.

Interview and Public Appearance Disclaimer

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