Jordan Peterson

Recently, Jordan Peterson has indicated that the individual and the individual alone is the force that combats the evils of the world. He’s also questioned the notion of “whiteness” and stated that only those who have accomplished nothing in their own lives are proud of their race.

A map linked to below shows that individualism is most developed in European founded/derived nations.

Yes, this demonstrates that materially successful countries are more individualistic, but it’s not so simple.

The European peoples also value and hold within them a unique sense of individualism, and this may be innate and not so easily exported to others (which I’ll discuss more in my upcoming series on The Uniqueness of Western Civilization). It’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing.

Peterson is ironically touting a principle that is most developed in his own lineage as a way to escape group bonds with that same lineage.

PS I really should have said the Christmas/*Yule* season towards the end.

I initially found this map on Wife With a Purpose’s Twitter: