Canvases or Computers? Old or New Artforms? Do Videos Matter?


Should we look to the past in creative arts, or create a brand new future? And what does making videos on social media actually accomplish?

-Articles mentioned so you can check out the illustrations they contain:

See Lynd Ward’s Beowulf in this one:

The Prosperity Paradox– Escaping Apathy

See Michael Kungl’s Dieu de Soleil in this one:

Odin and Self-Becoming: Inspired by Survive the Jive

-Beautiful Things page:

Beautiful Things


This is the fifth and final of five videos based off of a recent livestream I participated in.

The first three vids were about “cultural and aesthetic red pills.”

This one and the previous video take a more positive stance on the role arts and cultural creation, and ways to look forward.

The notes for this video were originally prepared for the following:

On 11/15/17 I was on a livestream, hosted by The Motley Discourse. We went back and forth asking each other questions.

Unfortunately there were technical issues with that stream.
Therefore, I’m making some of my own videos based off of the questions I was asked for that livestream.