Jared Taylor of American Renaissance | The After Party | BANNED by YouTube!

*Note the recording of this livestream was initially put in “limited state” by YouTube, which makes it impossible to share, comment on, or find the video.

Then it was DELETED.

Apparently Jared Taylor is apparently a vewy baaad man who will poison your feeble mind!


This is a re-upload published in December 2018 that you can share and comment on:


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Jason of No White Guilt and I like to do things a little differently on our show.

When we booked Jared Taylor of American Renaissance  we were of course delighted, but also knew that much of our audience would be familiar with him and his positions to some extent, since he’s one of the biggest and longest active public advocates for white well-being.

Therefore, we presented to Mr. Taylor a series of challenging questions that people in our audience may face from curious friends and/or “triggered” opponents when they advocate for their own heritage—since we live in a topsy-turvy time when that’s the worst social taboo.

These questions that Jason and I devised, along with submissions from our audience and other content creators, make this stream a one-stop shop for providing ideas and arguments to help articulate and defend the health of European-descended people.

We are happy to have accomplished our goal, as this has been recognized as an exceptional interview among the many Mr. Taylor has done.

Interview and Public Appearance Disclaimer

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  • Marchette Blanche

    This was a great interview with some of my favorite thought leaders in the alt right.