On June 5th, 2019 YouTube deleted my original channel, The Great Order, for “repeated and severe hate speech violations” without warning or prior strikes–which is a joke. This situation revealed how the mainstream regime fears the message that me and my colleagues share, for a healthier and more balanced West (which yes, means Western people).

You can refer to the Clips and Original Videos categories on this site in order to browse the entire catalog of my short video output.

I created a new YouTube channel, Jared George, on June 9, 2019 to continue uploading there, though we can see that YouTube will not be a viable platform for our message for much longer.

You should see what all the fuss is about on my Bitchute channel and subscribe there. It’s a much freer platform. Please also keep a lookout for other emerging alternative video platforms.

*Please be patient in  early 2020 as I continue to change the links on this site’s old video posts from the defunct YouTube links to new, more secure versions.

The posts on this site, The Great Order, serve as a record of all that I do, video content and otherwise.

Thank you.