Josh Neal – Dating – Family – Society | THE AFTER PARTY, No White Guilt

For this edition of The After Party, Josh Neal joined us.

He hosts his show, No Apologies Live, on his YouTube channel of the same name and on the Heel Turn Network.

He also does a show called Broken Arrow with his friend, Jefferson Lee, which dissects popular culture from a dissident right and European identity angle.

Furthermore, Josh is the author of  “I love to travel” and 10 other things men never want to hear: The politically incorrect guide to dating

We discuss:

-Why serial traveling is a red flag, and the larger topic of modern life encouraging people to be mere consumers of sensation and “experiences.”

-The current sorry state of male-female relationships and dating.

-Shaming, consequences, the need for community/ family guidance.

-Mass media’s particular messages about the fair-featured European peoples (i.e. evil blonde male characters, the dumb blonde female stereotype).

-Josh’s personal experiences dating in a large multicultural city.

-The nuances around the role of “open” and creative personality types amidst a traditional movement.

And more…

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