Jared on Ben Shapiro’s “Nation of Ideas”

America is the opportunity to make money and the ideas that keep you free to make money without much government infringement! Refrigerators are less expensive than ever!

The Daily Wire team only goes halfway in the video clip linked to below, which contrasts to what I’m saying here in my video.

They say that assimilating in the USA means accepting “certain basic principles.” Like joining a corporation perhaps?

“America is a creed.”

“It’s the ideas of America and nothing else.”

But they ponder “maybe some cultures are more assimilable than others.” Hmmm…

One panel member tellingly says he doesn’t like spending more than a week in Italy because the stores close too early.

So America is a technology.

What’s not on display here:

Connection to a visceral and holistic experience of widespread, shared, and ancient myths, symbols, folk tales, recipes, temperament, sexual and courtship mores, sense of destiny and history etc. among the overwhelming majority of the people.

Not *population.*





These are men becoming like the technology they so admire: sophisticated husks.
Look to the Roman Empire…


“Jared on Ben Shapiro’s Nation of Ideas” is a clip taken from the following episode of The After Party livestream with Lovely Porridge as the guest:

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