3/28/18 Livestream: Red Squirrel, No White Guilt, Rad Russ

Topic Time Markers:

1:56 Intro to adoption of ideas life cycle, taking nationalism mainstream

13:45 Who are our allies? What is an ally?

36:12 Mini-economies, networks, supporting each other

50:14 Chat question: do we push academics to the forefront?

53:30 Chat question: how can I contribute with crafts?

1:00:45 Jared’s T shirt

1:03:35 The “good tension.” People should be living in a way that challenges them to grow even during easier times. Slacking on this lead to these harder times now.

1:12:55 A review of the types of people suited for each stage of a movement’s development.

1:22:50 Chat question: Further defining allies

1:32:18 What non-content creators can do: numbers, public perception, self-improvement.

1:37:30: Chat question: Would Trump have won with explicitly Alt Right talking points?

1:47:30 Culture jamming

1:53:20 Red’s review of his channel’s mission, final thoughts, panel’s info


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